Weight Loss Information

According to the weight loss infomation we read in the paper, we all know to lose pounds you need to expend more calories than you consume but how much more? Most weight loss information states, it is proven that gradually losing pounds will help keep that unwanted body fat off so it is essential to follow a sensible programme. This is a long term commitment and many people fail due to high expectations that aren't realistic.

Firstly, according to most weight loss information, it is important to ensure the body gets the daily required calorie intake otherwise it will hold onto the fat reserves and break down the lean tissue to meet the energy deficit. Lean tissue helps keep the RMR high (resting metabolic rate) and if lean tissue is reduced this will lower the number of calories burned at rest and result in increased gain as normal eating resumes. Hence the reason crash diets don't work. To lose pounds sensibly and keep it off aim for losing 1-2 lbs per week. 1lb of body fat has approx 3500kcals. This would mean an expenditure of 3500-7000kcals more than intake.

A daily target would be 500-1000kcals. This can be achieved through a combination of reduced calories in food and increase in expenditure through exercise. Remember an increase in lean tissue will increase the number of calories burned at rest.