Exercise Tips

When you’re planning your fitness programme a few exercise tips can come in handy. We’ve got exercise tips for you in a range of different areas, including advanced training programmes and nutrition advice. And if you’re looking for exercise tips to help you train up for a specific sport or activity, we can help with that too.

If you’re planning to run a marathon, for example, you’ll need a very different training programme to the one you might follow to get yourself in shape for a tennis tournament, and we can offer you some specific guidance on how to plan your exercise routine accordingly.

Our guides include an introduction to anatomy, because understanding how your body works is a handy first step in getting into shape. Learn more about your major muscle groups, and how best to develop them through training. And we’ve also got some advice for you on nutrition. Gain an understanding of the main food groups your body needs to keep it running efficiently, and the best way to eat to fuel your exercise routine.

Even if all you want to do is improve your general levels of fitness for the sake of your health and well-being, we’ve got plenty of advice to help you make exercising a part of your everyday life. Even working in the garden can help you get fit: try a spot of digging, raking, pruning and weeding to keep you active. A short walk every day before breakfast, after dinner or both can help boost your fitness levels – try and walk for half an hour a day. Or why not walk or cycle to the shops instead of taking the car?