Weight Loss Tips

Are you looking to slim down? Our weight loss tips are there to help you.

Our top ten weight loss tips are:

  1. Make small changes to your diet. Not only will this help towards sensible gradual slimming down but it will help you stick to the change in lifestyle without loosing motivation early. Swap your usual milk, butter and cheese to lower fat options. If you are a tea/coffee addict then try decaff.
  2. Too often people try to cut out a part of their diet like carbohydrates etc. OUr second weight loss tip is to ensure it is essential the body gets a good balance. For more information on achieving a balanced diet go to "The good food pyramid" in the nutrition section of this website.
  3. Make changes to how you cook your food, try grilling on a rack to drain excess fat or steam your vegetables. Remove the fat from the bacon or skin from poultry.
  4. Don't miss any meals, it is tempting to skip breakfast in the hope this calorie reduction will help towards slimming, starting the day with a balanced healthy breakfast will kickstart your metabolism and help to burn off more calories throughout the day whilst giving the energy required to partake in some exercise.
  5. Enlist support, it will be more achievable if you have support from family and friends. Let them know how much this means to you. Get everyone in the house to be supportive at meal times and find a friend to get active with and go walking or to the gym.
  6. Get active and make it a date- when trying to introduce exercise into your lifestyle it is more achievable by making it an appointment. Write it in your diary and arrange to meet a friend somewhere away from home, this will ensure you don't cancel and once you have left the house you will be committed to going.
  7. Keep a food diary. Be honest; check the good food pyramid to ensure you are getting a balanced diet.
  8. Treat yourself. Keep the motivation going by having something to look forward to. Set a small, achievable target and when you reach it give yourself that treat.
  9. Never shop while hungry! Always have something to eat before you go as this will help you stay strong and resist buying the fattening foods.
  10. Be realistic and don't expect overnight results- remember how long it took to put the inches on, it will take time to lose them as well.