Fitness & Conditioning

One key goal of any exercise programme is fitness and conditioning. Many people focus their exercise goals on looking better – losing weight, toning up or building muscle – but while fitness and conditioning may be a less visible outcome of exercise, it is crucial to your body’s health.

The key to fitness and conditioning is to make your workouts progressive. Continual development is the real secret of getting in shape. To make progress with your exercise programme your workouts should gradually become more and more difficult. This will make you stronger as well as improving your cardiovascular health. As you get fitter and stronger, your exercise programme should keep pace with your improvement, so that it continues to challenge and develop your body.

Often when you join a gym, you are given a personalised workout programme tailored to your physical health and your goals. The problem is that what is perfect for you when you begin your training programme won’t still be perfect for you six months down the line. By that time you’ll have developed your strength and cardiovascular health to a point where if you continue sticking to the same exercise routine it will have little or no effect. What’s more, without change and variety, your workout routine can become boring – and you’re in danger of giving up going to the gym altogether.

Changing your programme can rejuvenate your workout. Don’t be embarrassed to ask the staff at your gym to help you review your exercise routine: that’s what they’re there for. And what’s more, any fitness professional with a passion for their work will be delighted to see you’re making such good progress.