Sports Specific Training

A programme of sports specific training can help you optimise your performance whatever your activity of choice. Whether you’re an athlete, a footballer, into mountain biking, or getting ready for a skiing holiday, sports specific training will help you to achieve your top form. If your activities are competitive, this could mean the difference between first and second place. And even if competition isn’t your thing, you’ll enjoy your activity a lot more if you’re in peak condition.

Sports specific training needn’t only apply to the biggest and most popular team games. As our range of articles will show, it can prove invaluable for a much wider variety of activities than you might expect:

  • Core work for winter activities
  • First Triathlon
  • Golf conditioning
  • Indoor cycling
  • Mountain biking
  • Outdoor Hiking
  • Preparation for skiing
  • Resistance workouts for tennis
  • Rugby fitness
  • Soccer conditioning
  • Volleyball strength
  • Warm up routines
You may be new to your chosen activity, in which case a fitness programme that’s specifically geared towards it could really help kick-start your progress as you learn new skills. Alternatively, if you’re already a seasoned pro, then you might find that you can develop and increase your abilities by trying out new exercise techniques.

Whatever your level of experience or proficiency, one key advantage in following an activity-related fitness programme is that it will reduce your chances of injury, by preparing your body for the particular stresses your activity of choice puts it under. It could also make all the difference as you near the end of the game, or the course, or the track. Instead of running out of energy, you could find yourself with additional reserves of strength and stamina to draw upon.