Exercise Programs

To benefit fully from your workouts, exercise programmes can help give structure and direction to your fitness activities. Exercise programmes can be devised to suit your own particular needs, whether you want to lose weight from your stomach or thighs, or build up your strength and stamina ready for a competitive event.

Rather than trying to do a bit of everything, and ending up not doing enough of any particular mode of training, the most effective exercise programmes target a specific muscle group. The best way to train is to work on one particular muscle group at a time to maximise results. Here are the specific areas that we recommend you work on – and we’ve got a series of workouts to help you do just that:

    * Abs
    * Biceps
    * Butt/ Glutes
    * Calf muscle
    * Chest (Lower and Upper)
    * Core
    * Hamstring
    * Hip
    * Knee
    * Lower back
    * Shoulders
    * Thigh
    * Triceps
    * Upper back

Not only should your workouts for these areas develop strength in the specific muscles involved, they should also focus on developing your flexibility too. Once your muscles are both stronger and more flexible, you’ll find you not only improve your performance, but also reduce your risk of injury. This is because strength and flexibility combine to enable your body to move through its full range of motion with more efficiency.

We have workouts tailored for all levels of fitness, whether you’re new to training, or keen to sharpen up in a particular area so you can move on to a more advanced level of training. By focusing your attention on one area of your body at a time, you’ll be able to learn more about what works best for your body too.