Fitness Tools

Nowadays there is a wide range of fitness tools available, which enable you to monitor your own body, and help you to reach your target fitness or desired weight safely and accurately. Some of the most widely used fitness tools you can use include calculation of your body mass index, and knowledge of your body shape, the glycaemic index and your target heart rate.

These fitness tools are designed to ensure individuals get the most from their training, exercise and diet regimes so they get the best results quickly and effectively. The body mass index calculator is a simple tool or formula to quickly ascertain your ideal weight, which should suit your natural body shape. The glycaemic index is a useful guide so you can calculate how effectively your body will respond to carbohydrates, whilst the training heart rate is a simple formula to calculate the best level of intensity for your exercise, so that you both get the most from your exercise and stay safe, rather than over loading your heart.

Fitness training is all about controlled overload. To improve the body’s performance, training pushes it to the limits of its endurance and resources. Only by taxing your body’s natural resources can you encourage your body to achieve new levels of strength and stamina. But it’s a delicate balance; push yourself too far and you could end up causing your body damage. Exercise should be fun as well as making you feel better. With the wide range of equipment, information and training techniques available today, people can enjoy their exercise to the full, knowing they are exercising safely and responsibly as well as getting the best results from their exercise regimes. These simple yet effective tools will bring about tremendous differences in the results from any training regime.