Back Exercise Programs

Modern lifestyles make back exercise an essential part of any workout. Many of us spend all day sitting down – in our chair at the office, in the seat of our car, in an armchair in front of the television – and this posture actually puts great strain on the muscles, because it’s an unnatural position for our bodies. Back exercises can significantly help to minimise the damage caused by continual sitting, as well as by heavy lifting.

Including back exercises in your programme will not only help to improve your posture, it can also help to prevent a range of health conditions, some of them extremely painful, including sciatica, muscle strains and spasms, and herniated discs.

Your programme should target both your upper and lower back, to ensure you’re giving your body a complete workout. Most core workout programmes include moves to strengthen the lower region, including:

  • Dead-lifts
  • Hyper-extensions on a Swiss ball.
There are also many good moves you can use to strengthen the upper region, including:
  • Rowing movements (either on a rowing machine, or using dumbbells or barbells)
  • Close-grip upright rowing movements (which target the trapezius muscles)
  • Lateral pull-downs
  • Pull-ups
It’s important to use the correct technique when using weights for any kind of resistance work, and you should also make sure you choose the right weight. Working with a weight that’s too heavy won’t speed up your progress. On the contrary, not only is it counter-productive, it can also lead to injury.

Working your abdominal muscles is another way to develop your core body strength, and this provides an excellent balance with the exercises described above. This winning combination will greatly improve your posture, and chase away many of the aches and pains caused by a sedentary modern lifestyle.