Muscle Toning

The goal of muscle toning is not to increase the body’s size but to add shape and definition to your body. Many women prefer to focus their workout on muscle toning rather than developing greater bulk. In fact, the truth is that all exercise will stimulate growth, so although your body might appear to be becoming more toned without increasing in mass, what is actually happening is that your body’s fat stores are decreasing at the same time, thanks to the calories being burned during your workout. If fat is burned at the same time, the body’s dimensions will stay the same, while replacing one form of bulk with another.

Muscle toning is a term that has come to be used of a particular type of workout, designed to improve the body’s definition and strength without significantly increasing its size. These workouts use low weights at a high number of repetitions, with the result that the body’s strength increases gradually. At the same time, the body’s fat stores are reduced, because strength training has a significant effect on the metabolism. The more strength training you do, the faster your metabolism becomes, and the more quickly and efficiently your body burns fat. And what’s more, your body doesn’t only burn calories while you’re working out. The effect is 24 hours per day, so your body will continue to benefit from the effects of your exercise programme even while you’re at rest.

This type of strength training will dispel your concerns once and for all that working with weights is strictly for the hardcore bodybuilders. Everyone can feel the benefit of resistance training, whatever size of body they have – and whatever size they want.