Advanced Training Tips

If you want to develop your fitness programme, advanced training could enable to push your workout to the next stage. If you’re finding that your exercise programme is only enabling you to maintain your current level of fitness but not helping you to improve further, then it may be time to move on to advanced training. A range of practices and activities are covered by the term advanced training, and here are a few of the main areas:

  • Active recovery
  • Aspects of proper squats
  • Balls versus benches
  • Circuits
  • Core conditioning
  • Isometric exercise
  • Medicine ball workouts
  • Vibration workouts
  • Anaerobic workouts
  • Periodisation
All these training techniques offer you the opportunity to stretch yourself, and push your body to new levels of fitness. It’s important to keep challenging your body in new and different ways, because as it becomes accustomed to your regular fitness routines, those routines become less effective. Change and variety is one of the most helpful ways of stimulating your muscles and your cardiovascular system, and increasing their capacity and efficiency.

This technique is known as ‘progressive resistance’. In other words, you constantly adjust your workout pattern, to prevent your fitness work from becoming habit. Here are some ways to bring variety and new challenges to your fitness programme:
  • Change the order of exercises in your workout, add new exercises regularly, and rest familiar ones.

  • Use new equipment – don’t stick to the same machines you’ve used for months or even years.

  • Increase the intensity of your workout, by upping the weight or number of repetitions, or by reducing your rest time.
Find out more about how to bring new energy to your fitness programme, and see your progress soar as a result.