An important element of your fitness programme is flexibility. The three main elements to focus on when you’re developing your overall fitness are strength, cardiovascular health, and flexibility. However, many people overlook flexibility when they’re planning their exercise regime, but it’s a vital aspect of your overall health.

Although easy to acquire, flexibility is also very easy to lose, but it can make a great deal of difference to the ease with which you go through your everyday life. Old people in particular can lose both flexibility and muscle tone in later life, making it harder to get through their daily chores, so it’s vital to keep your body functioning smoothly and freely.

Here are some of the reasons for including this element in your fitness programme:


A session of stretching at the end of a rigorous workout will help your body to cool down and relax, and make you feel better.

Quicker recovery

According to medical research, including a few stretching exercises at the end of your workout enables your body to recover more quickly ready for your next exercise session.

Better performance

If you stretch regularly, you’ll lengthen your muscles, so that you have a greater range of motion in your limbs. This means you’ll be able to perform better in your chosen sport or activity.

Fewer injuries

Stretching your muscles after exercise is proven to be a key way to avoid major and minor injuries alike.

Whether you decide to participate in a regular yoga or pilates class, or simply remember to include a few stretches at the end of your gym session, you’ll soon reap the benefits of a more agile and relaxed body.