Increase Energy

One of the primary goals of exercise is to increase energy. You might think that exercising will exhaust you, but in fact the opposite is the case; many regular exercisers will tell you that they feel better after their workout than they did before.

No matter what type of exercise programme you choose to follow, you’ll find that your workouts will increase energy levels in both the short term and the long term. Two forms of exercise particularly suited to help you increase energy levels are pilates and yoga. Both of these popular activities use a combination of strength and flexibility work to release your body from stress and increase your levels of stamina.

But when you’re not exercising, you can find yourself stuck in a catch 22 situation where you feel too tired to start working out in the first place. So how can you find the motivation to get yourself up off the sofa and put on your trainers?

Tell other people

If your best friend knows you’ve booked in for a course of yoga classes every Wednesday night, he or she is likely to ask you how it went on Thursday – and you don’t want to have to explain that you couldn’t be bothered to go!

Workout partners

Companionship is an excellent motivating force – and that also means there’s someone who’ll miss you if you don’t turn up at the gym.

Get changed

You might not feel like doing any exercise while you’re still in your office clothes, but if you can find the motivation to change into your gym kit and trainers, the chances are that’ll put you in the right mind set to get you out of the door and into the gym.