Leg Exercise Programs

A crucial element of any fitness programme, leg exercise plays an essential role in increasing your overall body strength. Leg exercise can help you develop the supportive power you’ll need for many different sports, even those that primarily require arm strength, such as racquet sports or swimming. Alternatively, if your primary interest is in weight loss, rather than specific sports training, a programme of leg exercise will work the two largest muscles in your body, your gluteus maximus (in other words, your bottom), and your upper thighs. Working these muscles can significantly increase your metabolic rate, so that your body will burn more calories.

You have several choices of workout techniques for these muscles. Many resistance machines target these areas, or alternatively you can choose to work with free weights. Free weights are particularly effective because they will also press your peripheral muscles into action, and many of the movements utilised echo the kind of movements you use as part of your daily life.

Here are some of the workout options available on the machine:

  • Abductor and Adductor machine
  • Calf raise
  • Hamstring curls (standing, seated, lying)
  • Leg Extensions
  • Leg Press
And if you choose to work with free weights, your options include:
  • Calf raises
  • Dead lifts
  • Lunges
  • Squats
  • Step ups
However you shape your workout programme, make sure you select a combination of moves that works the following areas:
  • Front thighs
  • Hamstrings
  • Calves
It’s particularly important to make sure you have strong and flexible hamstrings, because tight hamstrings can lead to a tight back, which has many negative repercussions on your posture. Exercising your limbs will make them better able to support you through life – as well as looking more shapely!